Our mission:

Create a waste-free future.

About minim™

minim™ is a new way of buying and using your favorite everyday products, with minimum waste and
maximum care for the planet.

  • Good design is responsible and sustainable.

    The design of everyday products can change the world.

    We encourage you to use, refill and reuse our products designed for circular behavior.

  • No compromise. Beautifully designed.

    We believe in creating products that are not only better for our planet, but also bring joy and beauty to the everyday.

    Our products will be made from durable, high quality materials, designed to last.

  • Real change requires scale.

    We need to make a big impact, and do so quickly. That's why we are working with the support of Unilever — one of the world’s largest personal care companies — to bring change at a global scale.